Ready Mix Concrete

Our concrete plants are designed to produce high volume and consistent quality concrete to satisfy the exacting needs of our residential, commercial and civil construction customers. Concrete is strong, durable and one of the most appealing building materials. However, fresh concrete is perishable, and it needs to be delivered and placed as quickly as possible.


Therefore, our most important product to you is service. We are a nationally recognized leader in computer systems technology for batching control, dispatching and job tracking. All our systems are fully integrated to provide the highest degree of control. We are committed to ongoing testing of our materials on a daily basis. This gives you, the customer, an unsurpassed level of confidence in our ability to deliver as promised.



Manitou Concrete

1260 Jefferson Road,

Rochester, NY 14623


Office: (585) 424-6040

Fax: (585) 424-1846

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Norhtrup - Brockport

5251 Sweden-Walker Rd.

Brockport, NY 14420


Office: (585) 637-3939

Fax: (585) 637-5619

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Northrup Farmington

5929 Loomis Road

Farmington, NY 14425


Office: (585) 924-7360

Fax: (585) 924-7753

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Northrup Newark

5486 Tellier Road

Newark, NY 14513

Office:  (315) 331-4729

Fax:  (315) 331-1287

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